9 March 2017

March 2017

The capsicum are at their peak, but the tomatoes are almost finished.  For the first time I am growing a second crop of tomatoes sown just after Christmas.  I have terminated them at 5 sets high, so the plants energy is focused on growing larger fruit than would naturally occur if left to set more trusses.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that the weather will hold up long enough for them all to ripen.
I'm sure there are larger organic onions being grown somewhere on the planet, but the onions in my current crop are much bigger than I have ever grown before, and they have lost nothing in taste and texture.
I've done something right at last growing butternut and golden globe pumkins.  I don't know what it was, but I hope I can replicate it next year.  The butternuts are from 2 plants which still have a few left to mature.  The golden globe are from 4 plants, but there are still about a dozen of them still ripening on the vines.