Growing Dwarf Beans

Latest Update 19th July 2018.

Dwarf Beans
  • Dwarf beans like Italian Romano only grow to about 700mm and are useful ground cover and soil improvers when grown between my rows of climbing beans each summer.
  • Although not as productive as climbing beans, they don't shade them.
  • Their yield may be relatively low but they are just as nutritious and tasty as their taller cousins and well worth growing.
  • Legumes grow well in Ecobeds and are not usually affected by fungal diseases like powdery mildew because their foliage stays dry.
  • Binomial name:                                        Phaseolus vulgaris
  • Family group:                                           Fabaceae.
  • Variety:                                                    Italian Romano Bean.
  • Crop rotation group:                                  Legumes.
  • Garden bed type:                                      Garden Ecobed.
  • Minimum sun per day:                              8 hours.
  • Plant spacings (centres x rows):                150 x 150 mm.
  • Weeks to harvest:                                     9 - 11 weeks.
  • Good companion:                                     Beetroot. potato.
  • Climate:                                                   Warm temperate.
  • Geography:                                              Southern hemisphere. 
  • This food is very low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. 
  • It is a good source of protein, thiamin, magnesium, potassium and manganese, and a very good source of dietary fibre and folate.
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Maintaining Ecobed Productivity. 
  • Check out my blogpage which explains how I maintain productivity in my Ecobeds.  It describes how soil is prepared prior to planting, the importance of rainwater in Ecobeds, how to regulate the sun's intensity and how to feed plants through their leaves. 
Propagating Seedlings. 
  • Check out my blogpage which explains how I propagate seeds.
Propagation Plan.
  • Check out my blogpage which tells you when to sow seeds.
Growing Instructions. 
  • Multi-sow 24 dwarf beans in 12 seed tray cells in an EcoPropagator.  When they have reached 4th leaf in their growth, plant them out in a prepared row in an Ecobed about 125mm apart.
  • Use a large dibber to make the planting hole and try to keep the soil around each cluster's roots intact during the transplant.
  • Water them in well with dilute seaweed extract.
  • Cover the soil with mulch as soon as the beans are established. 
Harvesting and storage
  • Harvest the beans from March.
  • Pick them as soon as they fill their pods, as picking them early to encourage more flowers to grow.  
  • Use a pair of scissors to snip the pods off the bush to avoid damaging it. 
  • For best taste, cook the beans as soon as they are harvested.
  • They store well retaining their flavour and crisp texture if harvested young.  Just blanch them in boiling water for 2 minutes, dry them and put them in your freezer in zip bags. 
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