Growing Chickpeas

Latest update 3rd August 2018.

  • Chickpeas also-known as garbanzo beans are a legume but not really a pea or a bean.
  • Its the main ingredient in hummus and falafel, and is rich in nutrients including proteins.  They are a tasty addition to vegetable soup.
  • I harvest mine when the pods are dry and store them in sealed preserving jars.  They need to be re-hydrated by soaking in water overnight before cooking them.
  • Binomial name                                         Cicer arietinum
  • Family group:                                           Fabaceae.   
  • Crop rotation group:                                  Legumes.  
  • Garden bed type:                                      Garden Ecobed.  
  • Minimum sun per day:                              5 hours.   
  • Plant spacings (centres x rows):                80 x 80 mm.
  • Weeks to harvest:                                     9 - 11 weeks.
  • Good companions:                                    Potato. radish. carrot. turnip.  
  • Climate:                                                   Warm temperate. 
  • Geography:                                              Southern hemisphere.
  • This food is low in saturated fat, and very low in cholesterol and sodium.
  • It is also a good source of dietary fibre, protein and copper, and a very good source of folate and manganese.
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Maintaining Ecobed Productivity. 
  • Check out my blogpage which explains how I maintain productivity in my Ecobeds.  It describes how soil is prepared prior to planting, the importance of rainwater in Ecobeds, how to regulate the sun's intensity and how to feed plants through their leaves.
Propagating Seedlings. 
  • Check out my blogpage which explains how I propagate seeds.
Propagation Plan.
  • Check out my blogpage which tells you when to sow seeds.
Growing Instructions. 
  • Multi-sow 12 chickpeas in 6 seed tray cells in an EcoPropagator, and when they reach 4th leaf, plant them out in a prepared Ecobed.  Grow them in a single row 250mm apart, and water them in well with dilute seaweed extract
  • Cover the soil with fresh mulch as soon as the chickpeas are established. 
Harvesting and storage
  • Harvest the chickpeas as soon as their pods dry out and extract the seeds. 
  • Use a pair of scissors to snip the pods off the bush to avoid damaging it. 
  • Store the dry seeds in sealed containers until required.
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